Business enhancement is our domain expertise

Impetus Group optimises inventories, improve employee productivity and increase sales in a world where the competition and the customers never sleep.

Company Branding

Our elite teams build beautiful, growth-driven, optimised websites that increase leads and conversion. We cultivate expertise in every stage of product creation, resulting in extraordinary digital experiences.

✓ System Architecture
✓ Web Development
✓ Accessibility
✓ Mobile Backend Engineering
✓ QA and Testing
✓ Security & Compliance

Software Automation

Automate your business processes with simpler solutions for all your work related complications using our powerful cloud-based software suites. Say good bye to redundant and routine work in style.

✓ Customer Relationship Management System
✓ Corporate Secretarial System
✓ Education Management System
✓ WSQ SkillsFuture Management System
✓ Tuition Management System
✓ Human Resource Management System
✓ Accounting Management System
✓ Logistics Management System
✓ Clinic Management System
✓ Spa Management System

Multi-Channel A.I. Marketing

Our A.I. engine is based on artificial intelligence and big data analysis that powers iterative marketing campaigns. Covers over 20 digital marketing channels, we empower a results guarantee programme to Fortune 500 companies to succeed in the digital world.

✓ Multi-Channel Advertising
✓ Artificial Intelligence
✓ Guaranteed Results
✓ Internationalise your presence


Stay connected to your clients, colleagues and families from home, office or anywhere in the world. Our next generation cloud telephony solution gives your business a competitive advantage. Communicate without boundaries.

✓ Amazon (AWS) Cloud Telephony
✓ Asterisk Technology
✓ Call Centre Solution
✓ Multi-branch, international markets

Business Incubation

Bridging East & West, Impetus Group drives the expansion of fast-growing tech companies into Asia. We connect top talents to team up with the right co-founders to develop and scale your ideas.

✓ Talent Sourcing
✓ Concept & Teams
✓ Company Building
✓ Scaling & Fundraising

Property Investment

We make global property investment simple. We change the way the world views global real estate investment, placing it on a level footing with other recognise asset classes.

✓ Land Acquisitions
✓ Business Financing
✓ Plan, Design, Build
✓ International Sales

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