Custom software applications inbuilt with a powerful functionality helps you retain more clients and optimise internal processes.

Impetus Partners software solutions upgrade your organisation to be more agile and responsive to constantly changing business conditions and industry trends, optimising productivity and improving your bottom line.


Our Shipping Automation solutions integrate directly with UPS™, FedEx™, USPS™ and DHL™ and accommodates: real-time shipping pricing and availability, address verification, package and shipping label creation, pickup calls and even tracking notifications. The Shipping Solution can also be integrated with Inventory Management for packing slips, pick tickets, manifests, and automatically handle RMAs and Returns, orders from supplies, Purchase Orders, and more.


Imagine your e-commerce website automatically issuing and delivering electronic invoices to your customers, processing credit card payments and applying them to correct invoices, e-mailing payment receipts, paying bills, issuing POs, tracking expenses, and more. The mentioned functions can be automated even with your existing accounting system such as QuickBooks.


Inventory Management systems allow you to keep track of all items in your stock by conducting automated inventory counts and guaranteeing real-time and accurate product availability on your website. These solutions support Lot based inventory management, warehousing, shelving locations, barcode scanning, transactions history, quality assurance, cross-checks, manifests and many more.


Workflow and Business Cycle Management allows for real-time collaboration and improved productivity amongst your business units (departments), customers, vendors or suppliers. Having secured online access to important business data through a centralized ERP system enables you to optimise the flow of information, automate various tasks and reduce overheads.


An online Project Management tool allows your employees and customer to collaborate, keep track of important milestones and deadlines, assign responsibilities and roles, track individual tasks, manage assets and costs, and monitor overall progress to ensure fruitful completion of all projects.


Go paperless! Our secure, online Document Management System has state of the art searching, archiving and cataloging mechanisms to optimise your workflow. A Virtual Document Repository allows your employees, customers and associates to safely share and exchange assets, (documents, files, images, etc) and collaborate in a secure centralized location.


Automate the planning, production and management of your entire manufacturing process, from Bill of Materials of the initial order, to the final delivery to the customers. This automates work orders, thresholds and fulfillment planning, estimates costs of labor and materials, and manages inventory for raw materials and final products, and more.


Quality Assurance (QA) functionality preps the quality of products or services delivered to customers. It features verifying quality criteria, checking of all expired or returned products, conducting quality tests, certifying products, and assigning expiration dates, etc.


An integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can help you manage critical aspects of your sales process by automatically tracking leads from your website and follow-ups with them, recording customer interactions, running sales and funnel reports, and tracking sales performance. Consider the benefits of having a single customer database utilized by Sales & Marketing, Account Management, Customer Support, Billing, and others.


A Employee Portal allows your employees to access and update their HR information (such as benefits, sick days, vacations, etc.), view schedules and access important forms or documents in a secured online environment. Additional features include automated cost tracking, timesheets, reporting, and more.


Our hiring and recruiting systems go beyond the publication of job opportunities on your website. We build Applicant Tracking systems (ATS) that collect and parse resume information. ATS automatically match applicants to appropriate jobs, handle government reports and OFCCP compliance, and many more. We also offer a wide range of solutions for online employee training, testing and surveying. Our solutions reduce costs and optimise training and certification processes.


An integrated Support System is designed to handle customer service requests by tracking and resolving customer issues online. This web-based system has been proven to be more efficient than systems that rely solely on communications through e-mail or telephone; nevertheless allowing for both systems to be opted in your favor. The system can be configured to handle product returns and billing issues, offering case escalation, automatic reminders and resolution tracking.