Powered by Artificial Intelligence and big data, our technology guarantees results. Advertising on multi-channels, We out-perform the market to make your investment worthwhile.

Cleoo Pro & Elysa

Impetus Group brings you the latest A.I technology via Cleoo. Cleoo bots intelligently manages adverts across over 20 channels to ensure the best possible coverage for your budget.

Our advanced technology allows rapid testing of hundreds of ad, channel and target audience variations to find the most effective ways to attract new customers to your business. Our confidence in our system allows us to guarantee visits – your adverts will run until you’ve got your money’s worth – and we set our targets far above anyone else in the industry.

In essence, we provide SMEs with significant industry expertise, intelligence and fire-power to compete in the digital marketplace; all in a simple, all-inclusive and affordable package. We take the hassle out of learning about digital marketing and running your own campaigns so you can focus on your business.

Built for SMEs

Our mission is to enable SMEs to compete in the digital marketplace – a world that we know can seem daunting. We also understand that for many small and medium-sized business owners, the time and money cost of running digital marketing campaigns, whether themselves or with an agency, can seem prohibitive.

We want to deliver real, high-quality customer interactions to you whilst taking up the smallest amount of your time and energy. We want to be reliable, hassle-free and affordable.

We aspire to grow with our SME customers as their trusted digital marketing guide and partner.

Smarter every day

Cleoo runs on data. So, the more information it gets, the bigger the data set it can learn from and the better its decisions get.

As soon as you sign up, real data on the performance of your ads and target audience is collected and analysed alongside our existing data to guide decisions on how to allocate your budget.

With thousands of happy customers already using Cleoo, our customers benefit from the collective intelligence gained out of previous campaigns’ performance history. Since the intelligence grows with more data, Cleoo continues to get smarter every day.

Over 20 marketing channels

We understand digital marketing; however, we won’t claim to be experts on your business or your customers.

Nobody knows what online channels your customers will use today or tomorrow. That’s why we work with over 20 different channels across the three major marketing platforms – Google, Facebook, and Bing.

Once we start getting data and understanding your customer, we will adjust budget spend to favour channels that are performing well. The adjustments happen continuously so when your customers start changing their behaviour, so do we.

Best of both worlds

Cleoo is not just a sophisticated piece of software, it also includes human elements.

When you sign up with us, we will initially spend some time getting to know your business. After all, we want to present it in the best way possible. This initial on-boarding process will include some creative work and you will have bespoke adverts created by our experience designers and copywriters – all included in your package.

Once we are happy with the details of the campaign, it will enter the automated process of being pushed out to the 20+ channels, beginning the process of rapid testing using hundreds of ad, channel and target audience variations.

We believe some things do need a human touch and with Cleoo, you get the best of both worlds.